Michael McKerns mmckerns at
Sat Apr 4 04:17:10 CEST 2009

mystic: a simple model-independent inversion framework

# Version
0.1a1: 04/03/09

# Highlights
  - Differential Evolution (x2)
  - Nelder-Mead Simplex
  - Powell's Directional Search Method

  - solvers share a common interface
  - solvers can be called as a unique function or using API
  - solvers with built-in optimization control handlers
  - configurable solvers can be bound or unbound
  - configurable solvers have user-provided or random initial points
  - configurable termination conditions
  - configurable mutation strategies (for DE solver)

  - configurable 2-variable monitors
  - wrap function with counter or bounds
  - cost-function generator
  - standard set of optimization test models
  - set of example scripts for test cases

  - minimal User's Guide with tutorials
  - online Reference Manual

The status is pre-alpha.


Mike McKerns
California Institute of Technology

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