Version 2.4 of mod_wsgi is now available.

Graham Dumpleton Graham.Dumpleton at
Sat Apr 11 12:58:29 CEST 2009

Version 2.4 of mod_wsgi is now available. The software and
documentation are both available from:

The mod_wsgi package consists of an Apache web server module designed
and implemented specifically for hosting Python based web applications
that support the WSGI interface specification.

Examples of major Python web frameworks and applications which are
known to work in conjunction with mod_wsgi include CherryPy, Django,
MoinMoin, Pylons, Trac, TurboGears, Werkzeug and Zope.

Version 2.4 of mod_wsgi is principally a bug fix update. It fixes
memory leaks, configuration corruption, truncation of request/response
data and other minor issues. A small number of other minor
improvements have also been made.

Because of the issue related to truncation of response data, it is
highly recommended that if you are using any prior version of mod_wsgi
2.X with a web application that make use of the wsgi.file_wrapper
extension, such as Trac, that you upgrade.

A description of changes in version 2.4 can be found in the change
notes at:

If you have any questions about mod_wsgi or wish to provide feedback,
use the Google group for mod_wsgi found at:


Graham Dumpleton

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