relatorio 0.5.1 released

Nicolas Évrard nicoe at
Thu Apr 16 12:20:10 CEST 2009


I'm quite happy to announce the new release of relatorio. This release
fixes a nasty bug on tags without attributes and a packaging issue.

Here is the full changelog:

  * Simplified the examples
  * Fix usage of tags without attributes (choose & otherwise)
  * Print original traceback when a module can not be loaded
  * Do not import relatorio in
  * Better handling of namespaces
  * Added some tests

What is relatorio

Relatorio is a templating library which provides a way to easily
output several kinds of files (odt, ods, png, svg, ...). Support for
more filetypes can be easily added by creating plugins for them.

Relatorio also provides a report repository allowing you to link
python objects and report together, find reports by
mimetype/name/python object.



    Mercurial repository

    A bit of documentation

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