ANN: Python-on-a-chip releases PyMite r08

dwhall dwhall256 at
Tue Apr 21 03:22:36 CEST 2009

Featuring the PyMite VM

:Author: Dean Hall
:Copyright: Copyright 2002 Dean Hall.  All rights reserved.
            PyMite is offered through one of two licenses:
            commercial or open-source.  See the LICENSE file
            at the root of the package for licensing details.
:Release: 08

The Python-on-a-chip Project is pleased to announce
the eighth release of PyMite.

PyMite is a flyweight Python VM written from scratch
to execute on 8-bit and larger microcontrollers with
resources as limited as 64 KB of program memory (flash)
and 4 KB of RAM.  PyMite supports a subset of the
Python 2.5 syntax and can execute a subset of the
Python 2.5 bytecodes.  PyMite can also be compiled,
tested and executed on a desktop computer.

Here are the important new features in this release:

- Fixed a float endian issue
- Fixed gc bug during ipm
- Fixed segfault when num args is fewer than expected
- Implemented plat module for mbed platform
- Created porting document
- Added scons build capability


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