ikaaro 0.60.0 released

"J. David Ibáñez" jdavid at itaapy.com
Tue Apr 21 18:00:11 CEST 2009

This is a Content Management System built on Python & itools, among
other features ikaaro provides:

  - content and document management (index&search, metadata, etc.)
  - multilingual user interfaces and content
  - high level modules: wiki, forum, tracker, etc.

This version adds versioning of the whole database using Git [1].  The
user interface for the "Last Changes" view is now the database log; and
every commit in the log can be inspected to see what changed.

A profiling framework for both time and space [2] usage has been added.
Profiling is disabled by default, it can be enabled by setting the
'profile-time' and 'profile-space' parameters in the configuration file.
The icms-update.py and icms-update-catalog.py scripts also accept the
'--profile' parameter to produce time profiling information.

The new configuration variable 'database-size' can be used to define the
maximum number of file handlers that will be stored in the cache, and so
limit the space usage.

Now it is possible to index and store multilingual information in the
catalog.  For example, all the translations of the title propery are
now indexed, and so it is possible to search in some specific language
(title_en, title_fr, etc.) or in all languages (title).

[1] http://git-scm.com/
[2] Space profiling uses Heapy, http://guppy-pe.sourceforge.net/




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