ANN: Python-SIMPL precompiled (i386) binary v1.3.1 released

bobicanprogram icanbob at
Wed Apr 22 14:55:45 CEST 2009

The SIMPL open source project (
produces an ultra lightweight toolkit which is useful for connecting
Python modules to modules written in any number of other languages (C,C
++, Tcl/Tk or JAVA) using the Send/Receive/Reply messaging scheme
first pioneered by QNX.

The Python-SIMPL extension has been available in source form for
several years.   Unfortunately that meant that Python newcomers to the
SIMPL project had to install the full Python sources to get the SIMPL
toolkit to compile.   Only the Python runtime installation is required
to use the (i386) precompiled binary release.    This precompiled
binary release comes in a convenient self installing archive which
allows for an exploratory installation in /tmp with the option for a
full install.

While the Python-SIMPL extension has been used on several projects
over the years,  we at the SIMPL project are always on the lookout for
the simplest possible Python-SIMPL demo which has any real world proof
of concept value.   If you have any ideas in that regard or any
suggestions for improvement to the Python-SIMPL interface do not
hesitate contact me directly.

For more "hello world" level examples of how to use the Python-SIMPL
extension you can consult the online tutorial at:

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