[ANN] pyOpenSSL 0.9

Jean-Paul Calderone exarkun at divmod.com
Tue Apr 28 14:28:37 CEST 2009

I'm happy to announce the release of pyOpenSSL 0.9. This release includes
several new features and a very important bug fix:

  * APIs have been introduced to get and set the version of an X509 request
  * Contexts now support loading CA certificates for verification from a
    specified directory or from the platform's default certificate store
  * DTLS-related constants, OP_NO_QUERY_MTU, OP_COOKIE_EXCHANGE, and
    OP_NO_TICKET are now exposed
  * X509Extension now has the `get_short_name´ method for retrieving the
    short form of the extension type
  * It is now possible to create extensions which use any of the three
    possible OpenSSL implementation approaches
  * FILETYPE_TEXT can be used to dump keys, certificate, and CSRs in text
  * Various compiler warnings have been fixed
  * A bug triggered by almost all uses of pyOpenSSL from multiple threads
    and leading to a crash has been fixed

Many thanks to numerous people who contributed patches to this release.

You can find pyOpenSSL 0.9 in the downloads area of the SourceForge project


Please use Launchpad to file any bug reports:


Jean-Paul Calderone

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