bzr 1.13.2 released!

Bob Tanner tanner at
Wed Apr 29 04:04:47 CEST 2009

A regression was found in the 1.13.1 release. When bzr 1.13.1 and  
earlier push a stacked branch they do not take care to push all the  
parent inventories for the transferred revisions. This means that a  
smart server serving that branch often cannot calculate inventory  
deltas for the branch (because smart server does not/cannot open  
fallback repositories). Prior to 1.13 the server did not have a verb  
to stream revisions out of a repository, so that's why this bug has  
appeared now.

The Bazaar team is happy to announce availability of a new release of  
the bzr adaptive version control system.

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches, suggestions, and feedback.

Bazaar is now available for download from 
Download as a source tarball; packages for various systems will be  
available soon.

Bob Tanner <tanner at>
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