Pyowa Meeting Next Monday

Mike Driscoll mike at
Thu Apr 30 14:12:45 CEST 2009


Our May Pyowa meeting is next Monday, May 4th. It will be held at the 
Marshall County Sheriff's Office from 7-9 p.m. Direction are on the 

Agenda (in  no particular order):

1) Introduction to SqlAlchemy - An object oriented way of connecting to 
a database with a "pythonic" API.
2) Nick Fox from Fox Media Systems in Des Moines will talk about his 
experiences with Python and (maybe) his experience as a core developer 
for the Mythbuntu project.
3) A short GIS Code review - We'll look at some auto-generated ArcGIS(?) 
code from one of our members and try to improve it.

If you need a laptop to follow along, we have some that can be made 
available as long as you let me know ahead of time. I've been told that 
we will have snacks this time as well as pop and water.

Also note that the Iowa Code Camp is this Saturday. The reason I mention 
this is that there's a Django talk there and there may be a 
Python-related "open space" type thing too. You can check out the 
schedule here: Iowa Code Camp is in Cedar 
Rapids. Go and support Python!

Anyway, I hope to see you next Monday! Let me know if you have any 

Mike Driscoll
Pyowa Organizer

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