ANN: xyzcmd-0.0.1beta

Max E. Kuznecov syhpoon at
Mon Aug 3 01:32:03 CEST 2009

xyzcmd 0.0.1beta released

I am pleased to announce the first beta release of xyzcmd


xyzcmd is a pure console visual file manager.

Main features:

    * Tight integration with python run-time system -- most of the
settings can be changed "on the fly" via management console.
    * Powerful configuration system -- define own actions, aliases,
internal commands, key bindings.
    * Extensible plug-in system -- even core functionality implemented
mainly using plug-ins, keeping base system small and clean.
    * Customizable look-n-feel -- every widget component as well as
file-system objects look can be changed via skins.


xyzcmd is currently in early beta state, it still lacks a lot of
features, like VFS support, readline auto-completion,
internationalization, hooks and so on. All these features are planned
for the next releases.


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