TriZPUG August 2009 Meeting

Chris Calloway cbc at
Tue Aug 11 01:07:32 CEST 2009

Thursday, August 27, 7pm in Room 2015, Engineering Buildging I, NCSU 
Centennial Campus, Raleigh.

Canonical developer Gary Poster will give his OSCON presentation 
"Launchpad Foundations: If the Abstractions Don't Kill Us..." The talk 
is about how Launchpad uses the zope.interface and zope.component 
libraries. The talk is based on interviews with Launchpad engineers. The 
talk discusses how we might improve our use of the Zope Component 
Architecture, how the technology might be change, and how the technology 
might be used in other contexts like Django. We will adjourn for food 
and beverage at a local eatery after the meeting.


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