[ANN] PyIMSL Studio 1.5 released

Steve Lang stevel at vni.com
Fri Aug 21 21:14:26 CEST 2009

Visual Numerics, a Rogue Wave Software Company, is pleased to announce the release of PyIMSL Studio V1.5.

PyIMSL Studio contains both open source and proprietary components that create a fully supported and documented platform for analytic prototyping and production development.

- For prototyping, a number of open source tools including Python, NumPy, Eclipse, matplotlib and commercial components from Visual Numerics, Inc. are available for Python, including PyIMSL Python wrappers to the mathematics and statistics algorithms in the IMSL C Library. This combination of tools provides a rich environment for prototype development.

- For production deployment, PyIMSL Studio includes the IMSL C Library. Other I/O and data filtering components are available in both Python and C to further support deployment. Using the IMSL C Library provides parity between prototype and production code.

This new release offers:
   - Support for IMSL C Library V7.0 which provides access to:
       - Numerous parallelized algorithms
       - New function that solves the generalized Feynman-Kac PDE
         and Black-Scholes problems
       - New data mining functions including a Genetic Algorithm
         for optimization and Naïve Bayes for classification
         problems and text mining
       - Many other new functions, including Kochanek-Bartels
         Cubic Splines, Non-central chi-square, and Non-central
         student's T PDFs
   - A more seamless installation process so you can get started with PyIMSL
     Studio faster and easier

Learn more about PyIMSL Studio and request a free evaluation at http://www.vni.com/pyimslstudio

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