ANN: Python cgkit v2.0.0alpha9

mbaas mbaas at
Tue Aug 25 23:51:40 CEST 2009

A new version (2.0.0alpha9) of the Python Computer Graphics Kit is
available at

What is it?

The Python Computer Graphics Kit is a collection of utilities and
Python modules that simplify working with 3D data of any kind. The
provided functionality can be used in domains such as scientific
visualization, Virtual Reality, VFX, animation or even games.
Currently, the package is implemented in Python and C++ where the C++
part is wrapped and made available in Python.

What's new?

- New module "pointcloud" to read/write RenderMan point cloud files

- New module "sloargs" to parse compiled RenderMan shaders

- New module "sequence" to handle numbered (file) sequences.

- New command line utilities seqls, seqmv, seqcp, seqrm that are the
equivalent of ls, mv, cp, rm but that work on numbered file sequences.

- Various bugfixes and enhancements, see the changelog for a full

Windows binaries are available for Python 2.5 and 2.6. An OSX binary
is available for Python 2.5 (built on OSX 10.4).

For more information, visit:

- Matthias -

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