ANN: pycairo release 1.8.8 now available

Steve stevech1097 at
Wed Aug 26 13:36:33 CEST 2009

Pycairo is a set of Python bindings for the multi-platform 2D graphics
library cairo.

A new pycairo release 1.8.8 is now available from:

	054da6c125cb427a003f5fd6c54f853e  pycairo-1.8.8.tar.gz

Overview of changes from pycairo 1.8.6 to pycairo 1.8.8
General Changes:
    Pycairo 1.8.8 requires cairo 1.8.8 (or later).
    Move from CVS to git.
    Add support for the waf build tool.

Updated methods
    The PDF/PS/SVGSurface constructors now accept None as a filename.

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