moin-1.8.6 released

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at
Sat Dec 5 23:34:37 CET 2009

 MoinMoin 1.8.6 advanced wiki engine released

MoinMoin is an easy to use, full-featured and extensible wiki software
package written in Python. It can fulfill a wide range of roles, such
a personal notes organizer deployed on a laptop or home web server,
a company knowledge base deployed on an intranet, or an Internet
open to individuals sharing the same interests, goals or projects.

A wiki is a collaborative hypertext environment with an emphasis
on easy manipulation of information.

MoinMoin 1.8.6 is a bug fix release and a recommended update. The 1.8
branch brings you several new features such as the GUI editor, which
allows the users to edit pages in a WYSIWYG environment, and many bug
fixes. The download page:

= 1.8.6 release infos =
For details see the

== Bug fixes ==
  * Xapian indexing / indexing filters:
    * fix deadlocks with well- and misbehaving external filters
    * work around indexing run crashing when encountering encoding
problems with non-ascii filenames
    * OpenOffice/OpenDocument filters: catch UnicodeDecodeErrors
(happens with password protected files)
  * i18n: check if languages is not initialized yet, don't crash
  * http_redirect: use 301 redirect for some cases
  * do not use httponly session cookies, makes trouble with twikidraw
and ACLs
  * GetText2 macro: fix for named placeholder
  * Fix SHA -> SSHA password hash upgrade for old user profiles.
  * abort RenamePage if renaming of main page fails (do not try to
rename subpages)

== New features ==
  * search: improve search result ordering
  * add MS Powerpoint indexing filter (needs catppt from catdoc
  * migration scripts: make finding damaged edit-log entries easier
  * SubscribeUser action: support username regexes and unsubscribing.

Note that Python 2.3 should work but we recommend 2.4 or newer.

MoinMoin History

MoinMoin has been around since year 2000. The codebase was initally
started by Jürgen Hermann; it is currently being developed by a
team. Being originally based on PikiPiki, it has evolved heavily since
(PikiPiki and MoinMoin 0.1 consisted of just one file!). Many large
enterprises have been using MoinMoin as a key tool of their intranet,
even use it for their public web page. A large number of Open Source
projects use MoinMoin for communication and documentation. Of course
there are also many private installations.

For more information see

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