moin-1.9.0 released

Reimar Bauer rb.proj at
Sun Dec 6 16:55:18 CET 2009

 MoinMoin 1.9.0 advanced wiki engine released

MoinMoin is an easy to use, full-featured and extensible wiki software
package written in Python. It can fulfill a wide range of roles, such
as a personal notes organizer deployed on a laptop or home web server,
a company knowledge base deployed on an intranet, or an Internet
server open to individuals sharing the same interests, goals or

A wiki is a collaborative hypertext environment with an emphasis
on easy manipulation of information.

The 1.9 branch brings you several new features. The download

= 1.9.0 release infos =
For details see the

== Major new features ==
 * MoinMoin requires Python 2.4 now.
 * MoinMoin is now a WSGI application
   (based on werkzeug,
   Please read the new install docs about how to use it,
 * We now offer different sized sets of system/help pages and the
   underlay just contains a single page: LanguageSetup.
   You need to be superuser, visit that page and then install the
   language packs you like (minimum is the essential set for
   LanguageSetup is the default page_front_page, you need to change
   after installing language packs.
 * New modular group and dict data access, you can use group and dict
   modules to access group and dict data stored anywhere you like.
   See also the new HelpOnDictionaries and HelpOnGroups pages.
 * Improved Xapian indexing / search. regex search with Xapian enabled
also is
   based on the xapian index now.
 * Improved drawing support for twikidraw and anywikidraw see
 * Default theme is now modernized
 * Syntax highlighting is based on the pygments (
   library now, see HelpOnParsers.
 * Authentication improvements for http_auth, ldap and openid
 * SlideShow action added
 * PackagePages creates package file on-the-fly in memory and send it
to the

Plus lots of other features and bug fixes.

MoinMoin History

MoinMoin has been around since year 2000. The codebase was initally
started by Jürgen Hermann; it is currently being developed by a
growing team. Being originally based on PikiPiki, it has evolved
heavily since then (PikiPiki and MoinMoin 0.1 consisted of just one
file!). Many large enterprises have been using MoinMoin as a key tool
of their intranet, some even use it for their public web page.
A large number of Open Source projects use MoinMoin for communication
and documentation. Of course there are also many private

For more information see

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