pysensor 0.7 released

pb dorfcombo at
Thu Dec 10 20:31:23 CET 2009

PySensor is an environment to work with acceleration sensor data as
emitted by mobile devices such as the Nokia N95/N97 or Android G1.

Acceleration data and keypress data is sent to a server (PC) where
further processing, logging, recording, and visualization of the data
is done. The data is then distributed to a client application.
Optionally, the client application may send image data at any rate and
the device retrieves these images as fast as possible; images may be
dropped. Recorded input data can be replayed at original or altered
speed. The server software is in Python. For each mobile platform
there is a different device software sending the data - currently
PyS60, Android, and JavaME/JSR-256. Integration with a client
application is provided for Python, pygame, C/C++ or Java.

Have fun

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