cx_Freeze 4.1.1

Anthony Tuininga anthony.tuininga at
Sun Dec 20 01:49:56 CET 2009

What is cx_Freeze?

cx_Freeze is a set of scripts and modules for freezing Python scripts
into executables in much the same way that py2exe and py2app do. It
requires Python 2.3 or higher since it makes use of the zip import
facility which was introduced in that version.

Where do I get it?

What's new?

Changes from 4.1 to 4.1.1

1) Added support for Python 3.1.

2) Added support for 64-bit Windows.

3) Ensured that setlocale() is called prior to manipulating file names
so that names that are not encoded in ASCII can still be used.

4) Fixed bug that caused the Python shared library to be ignored and
the static library to be required or a symbolic link to the shared
library created manually.

5) Added support for renaming attributes upon import and other less
frequently used idioms in order to avoid as much as possible spurious
errors about modules not being found.

6) Force inclusion of the traceback module in order to ensure that
errors are reported in a reasonable fashion.

7) Improved support for the execution of ldd on the Solaris platform
as suggested by Eric Brunel.

8) Added sample for the PyQt4 package and improved hooks for that package.

9) Enhanced hooks further in order to perform hidden imports and avoid
errors about missing modules for several additional commonly used
packages and modules.

10) Readded support for the zip include option.

11) Avoid the error about digest mismatch when installing RPMs by
modifying the spec files built with cx_Freeze.

12) Ensure that manifest.txt is included in the source distribution.

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