GZRBOT 0.1 released

Bart Thate bthate at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 13:43:49 CET 2009

Hi world !

First of all happy christmas and a happy new year to all of you.

I want to release GZRBOT to the world. This is a rename of the CMNDBOT
bot, since this name matches the one of GOZERBOT the best and thats
what this bot is best described .. GOZERBOT on the Google Application

So this is really CMNDBOT 0.1 after BETA1 and BETA2, but then renamed

Most of all GZRBOT is there for its code and reuse of it is highly
recommended. I made a script which makes it easy to clone gozerbot and
rename it so you can run your own bot off the GZRBOT code. GZRBOT has
a plugin system that lets you program your own plugin and provide you
a way to add custom functionality to your bot. Both writing commands
and reacting on events through callbacks is supported.

A live web demo of GZRBOT can be seen at http://gzrbot.appspot.com.
For wave or jabber (gtalk or any other jabber client) add
gzrbot at appspot.com to your contactlist or join me on this wave:

GZRBOT 0.1 released

Source code and documentation (still needs to be written) is available
at http://gzrbot.googlecode.com

If you have any question about GZRBOT you can reach me at
bthate at gmail.com

Have fun with it ! ;]


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