execnet-1.0.2: channel-over-channels / bug fixes

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Wed Dec 23 21:47:14 CET 2009

execnet is a small stable pure-python library for working with local or 
remote clusters of Python interpreters, with ease.  It allows to make
use of multiple CPUs, connects to remote places via ssh and sockets
and requires no prior installation on remote places. 

The 1.0.2 release is fully backward compatible and:

- introduces a generalized way to send channels over channels
- makes gateways more resilient against callback failures
- speeds up local gateway creation, now at <50ms on an old 1.5GHZ machine
- fixes a bug in channel.receive() which could wrongly timeout 

More info, new tested examples and links to blog entries here:


cheers and i wish you all some relaxed last days of this decade,


changes in 1.0.2 

- generalize channel-over-channel sending: you can now have channels 
  anywhere in a data structure (i.e. as an item of a container type).
  Add according examples.

- automatically close a channel when a remote callback raises 
  an exception, makes communication more robust because until 
  now failing callbacks rendered the receiverthread unuseable 
  leaving the remote side in-accessible.

- internally split socket gateways, speeds up popen-gateways
  by 10% (now at <50 milliseconds per-gateway on a 1.5 GHZ machine) 

- fix bug in channel.receive() that would wrongly raise a TimeoutError 
  after 1000 seconds (thanks Ronny Pfannschmidt) 

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