MySQLdb-1.2.3 beta 1 released

Andy Dustman farcepest at
Fri Feb 6 02:37:32 CET 2009

After almost two years of not so much going on, I've released
MySQLdb-1.2.3 beta 1, the first of a couple of betas before PyCon
2009. Highlights:

 * Compatible with Python-2.6 (but not yet 3.0)
 * Fixed some parameter substitution problems
 * Fixed some build problems on certain platforms
 * Other stuff I don't remember

Eggs are available at the usual place for Python-2.5 and 2.6 on i386,
i.e. use ez_install.

This is a beta, but it should actually work better than 1.2.2, if you
were having problems. Otherwise there are no new features yet.
However, It is a test release, so if you do try it, be prepared to
report bugs. Patches/tests appreciated.

I'm planning a sprint for PyCon 2009 though due to personal
commitments, I may only be able to stay for one day. If all the 1.2
bugs are sorted out, I might work more on 1.3 (the current SVN trunk,
and future 2.0).

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