CrunchyFrog 0.3.3 released

Andi Albrecht albrecht.andi at
Fri Feb 6 16:41:15 CET 2009

After a really short period here's a bug fix release for CrunchyFrog.

CrunchyFrog 0.3.3 fixes a bunch of minor and some major bugs that
slipped into the last release.


The package archive on Launchpad is already up to date.

Visit the project page hosted on Google Code for more information.

Changes in 0.3.3

Bug Fixes
 * Statement splitting with SQLite and SQLServer and explain view
works again (issue27).
 * Use F1 instead of Ctrl-H for Help (issue26).
 * Oracle plugin now installs properly (issue28).
 * An error dialog is displayed when connecting to SQL Server fails.
 * Confirm save dialog works again when a window is closed.

Complete change log:

What is CrunchyFrog

CrunchyFrog is a database navigator and SQL client.
Currently PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLite3, MS-SQL databases and LDAP
servers are supported for browsing and querying. More databases
and features can be added using the plugin system.
CrunchyFrog is licensed under the GPLv3 and is written
in Python and uses PyGTK for it's user interface.





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