PyCon 2009 Tutorial Days

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Sat Feb 7 13:56:22 CET 2009

Registration for PyCon 2009 <> (US) is
open.  Because of the popularity of the tutorials in years past, this year
features 2 days of tutorials <> (32 total
class on Wednesday, March 25 and Thursday, March 26) including:

   - 2 tracks on Introduciton to Python
   - Working with Excel
   - GIS with Python <>
   - Django <>
   - Concurrency <> and
   Kamaelia <>
   - Testing <>
   - SQLAlchemy <>
   - Advanced topics
   - much, much more <>

These classes are being presented by some of the smartest cookies in the
Python community and are 3-hours each (with break).  You get to rub
shoulders with other Python programmers who share your interests and all
sessions have time for you to ask questions.  There is a (modest) cost to
attend, but you will get great training as well as class notes.  We even
feed you lunch and provide snacks during the breaks.

Click for more information.  Questions?
Email us at pycon-tutorials at

Greg Lindstrom
Tutorial Coordinator
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