ANN: SuPy 1.0 for Windows

Greg Ewing greg.ewing at
Tue Feb 10 01:47:03 CET 2009

SuPy 1.0 - Windows

I have created a Windows binary of SuPy.

Currently only Python 2.3 is supported. (I'm working on a
Python 2.5 version, but there are problems.)

It has only been tested with Sketchup 7, although there's
a chance it might work with Sketchup 6 as well.

I'm not sure how stable this version will be. There is
some dodgy mixing of runtime library versions going on.
All I can say right now is that it runs the included
example without crashing on my test machine.

What is SuPy?

SuPy is a plugin for the Sketchup 3D modelling application
that lets you script it in Python.

This is a first version and is highly experimental. Let me
know if it works for you and whether you have any problems.

Greg Ewing
greg.ewing at

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