[ANN] ftputil 2.4 released

Stefan Schwarzer sschwarzer at sschwarzer.net
Sun Feb 15 14:08:00 CET 2009

ftputil 2.4 is now available from
http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/download .

Changes since version 2.3

The ``FTPHost`` class got a new method ``chmod``, similar to
``os.chmod``, to act on remote files. Thanks go to Tom Parker for
the review.

There's a new exception ``CommandNotImplementedError``, derived from
``PermanentError``, to denote commands not implemented by the FTP
server or disabled by its administrator.

Using the ``xreadlines`` method of FTP file objects causes a warning
through Python's warnings framework.

Upgrading is recommended.

Incompatibility notice

The ``xreadlines`` method will be removed in ftputil *2.5* as well as
the direct access of exception classes via the ftputil module (e. g.
``ftputil.PermanentError``). However, the deprecated access causes no
warning because that would be rather difficult to implement.

The distribution contains a small tool find_deprecated_code.py to scan
a directory tree for the deprecated uses. Invoke the program with the
``--help`` option to see a description.

What is ftputil?

ftputil is a high-level FTP client library for the Python programming
language. ftputil implements a virtual file system for accessing FTP
servers, that is, it can generate file-like objects for remote files.
The library supports many functions similar to those in the os,
os.path and shutil modules. ftputil has convenience functions for
conditional uploads and downloads, and handles FTP clients and servers
in different timezones.

Read the documentation at
http://ftputil.sschwarzer.net/documentation .


ftputil is Open Source software, released under the revised BSD
license (see http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php ).


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