alsaseq 0.3

Patricio Paez pp at
Wed Jan 7 04:15:27 CET 2009

Hi all,

The third version of alsaseq, bindings to the ALSA sequencer has been
released.  A Makefile with test and install options was added to 
simplify building and installation; some constants were updated 
according to recent versions of the ALSA library.

alsaseq is a Python module that allows to interact with ALSA sequencer
clients.   It can create an ALSA client, connect to other clients, send
and receive ALSA events immediately or at a scheduled time using a
sequencer queue.  It provides a subset of the ALSA sequencer
capabilities in a simplified model.

It is implemented in C language and licensed under the Gnu GPL license
version 2 or later.



Patricio Páez pp at

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