Announce: Parametric Solutions (parasol)

Charlie Taylor charlietaylor at
Sun Jan 25 09:37:26 CET 2009

Parasol is a python framework in which mathematical models can be
investigated parametrically. Parasol enables easy optimization, sensitivity
study, and visualization. The math model can be as big or as small as
desired. Output is generated in plain text, HTML, and native Microsoft Suite
files (Excel, Word and PowerPoint).

A problem is defined by input and output parameters. Results are presented
in a manner that conveys insight into system trends and characteristics. The
process of performing an analysis results in an ample assortment of graphs,
charts, and images that display system sensitivities, variations, and
characteristics. Barriers to creating these displays have been reduced to
single commands in order to facilitate their use.

Parasol has been designed to run under Microsoft Windows.

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