ANN: GMPY 1.10 alpha with support for Python 3

casevh casevh at
Mon Jul 6 07:04:36 CEST 2009

An alpha release of GMPY that supports Python 2 and 3 is available.
GMPY is a wrapper for the GMP multiple-precision arithmetic
library. The MPIR multiple-precision arithmetic library is also
supported. GMPY is available for download from

Support for Python 3 required many changes to the logic used to
convert between different numerical types. The result type of some
combinations has changed. For example, 'mpz' + 'float' now returns
an 'mpf' instead of a 'float'. See the file "changes.txt" for more

In addition to support for Python 3, there are several other
changes and bug fixes:

- Bug fixes in mpz.binary() and mpq.binary().

- Unicode strings are accepted as input on Python 2.
  (Known bug: works for mpz, fails for mpq and mpf)

- The overhead for calling GMPY routines has been reduced.
  If one operand in a small integer, it is not converted to mpz.

- 'mpf' and 'mpq' now support % and divmod.

Comments on provided binaries

The 32-bit Windows installers were compiled using MPIR 1.2.1 and
will automatically recognize the CPU type and use code optimized for
that CPU.

Please test with your applications and report any issues found!


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