Announcing freebase-python 1.0

Andrew Rodriguez andrew at
Sat Jul 11 01:59:42 CEST 2009

freebase-python is a library for accessing the open data repository  
stored at Freebase is huge, user-edited database  
of over 100 million of facts about over 5 million topics, all under  
the Creative Commons CC-BY license.

The freebase-python library 1.0 is now available! It introduces a new  
syntax for accessing the freebase api, it updates the available  
commands to reflect the entire web api, and it introduces some cool  
schema manipulation utilities. It's backwards compatible with previous  
versions of the library.

The new syntax makes it easy to start running with freebase:
 >>> import freebase
 >>> print freebase.mqlread({"id" : "/en/the_beatles", "name" : None})
{u'id': u'/en/the_beatles', u'name': u'The Beatles'}

You can also access freebase.sandbox as easily:

 >>> import freebase.sandbox
 >>> print freebase.sandbox.mqlread(...)

freebase-python can now do all of the current api calls that the  
website handles. For a full list of the api calls and examples, you  
can refer to 

The schema manipulation utilities introduced make it easy copy and  
move types, properties, and objects. This means that you can save  
bases to your computer so that their survive a sandbox refresh, keep  
different versions of your bases and types on your own machine, or  
move types between bases. There are a few recipes on the freebase- 
python wiki that you can find here:

freebase-python is also Google App Engine friendly. You can check out  
how to write your own app at 
. You can also check out a sample app at 

There are also more test and more docs!

Installing is easy, if you have easy_install, just say
  $ easy_install freebase
If you don't have easy_install, you can get it by running 

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