TkDocs: new tutorial and resources for TkInter/ttk

Mark Roseman mark at
Fri Jul 17 03:40:42 CEST 2009

TkDocs is a language-neutral resource for developers who are interested 
in using Tk as their GUI.  The highlight is an extensive tutorial that 
illustrates how to use the newest generation of Tk features and best 
practices to create modern and attractive user interfaces.  

I'm pleased to announce that the tutorial and other parts of the site 
has been updated with the latest Python-oriented Tk material, 
corresponding to tkinter and ttk from Python 3.1.  You'll now find all 
the examples and code snippets available in Python (and also Tcl, Ruby 
and Perl for those so inclined).

Please visit the site at

I hope this site is valuable for both new and existing Python GUI 
developers; for the latter group it will help you upgrade away from all 
the outdated ugly constructs that Tk is so famous for.  ;-)  I'd greatly 
appreciate any feedback, corrections or suggestions on the site.


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