ANN: pypi-grep, grep a local file of PyPI info

denis denis-bz-gg at
Mon Jun 8 19:22:39 CEST 2009

An example first: pypi-grep 'pyqt' -->

    # day  status  packagename  version  homepage  summary

    2009-06-07  3  "pydee"  0.4.11
        Pydee development environment and its PyQt4-based IDE
tools: ...

    2009-06-05  4  "Sandbox"  0.9.5
        A PyQt4-based alternative to IDLE

pypi-grep is just a file with one long line per PyPI package,
and a trivial bash script, basically egrep -i `newest pypi-grepfile*`.

Why ?  Grepping a local file is very fast and very simple, for old
Unix guys and simple searches:
"what's XYZ ?"

hg clone
should get pypi-grep and pypi-grepfile-2009-06-08 or the like;
move them to a directory in your PATH.


* the pypi-grepfile has only one version per package, the newest;
    multiline summaries are folded to one long line
* pypi-grep -h  lists the few options
* the data comes from xmlrpc,
    but beware: some packages in list_packages have no
    or no releasedata, and a few releasedatas timeout
    what you see is All you get.
* PyPI package names may contain blanks, even non-ascii
* updates ? dunno, ask me

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