First Meeting of the Grand Rapids (MI) Python Users Group

Ben Rousch brousch at
Wed Jun 10 20:23:11 CEST 2009

Announcing the inaugural meeting of the newly formed Grand Rapids Python
Users Group ( ) in Grand Rapids, MI, USA.

What: *First Meeting of the GRPUG*
When: *Monday, 6/15/09, 6PM - ??*
Where: *Grand Rapids Brewing Company* ( )

A few of us checked out the Grand Rapids Brewing Company as a potential
meeting site for the GRPUG, and it looked pretty good. It's a nice
microbrewery and restaurant. My only worry is the ambient noise level, but
my contact there assures me that lowering the canvas shades and doors shuts
out a lot of the sound. Anyways, let's have our first meeting there and see
how it goes. They have appetizers, meals, pop, and - most importantly -
beer! So feel free to have dinner and drink while you're there. The room is
in the back of the main dining hall.

I would like to do a Python IDE/editor roundup, so it would be great if you
could bring a laptop/netbook and show off your favorite IDE or editor. You
don't need to prepare anything elaborate; just fire it up and show off a few
features. In fact, no slides allowed the first night! I think we'll have a
projector available, otherwise we'll huddle around laptops for the demos.

Afterwords we'll socialize and talk about what we envision for GRPUG and how
much we hate all of those inferior programming languages.

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