SIP v4.8.1 Released

Phil Thompson phil at
Tue Jun 16 14:28:53 CEST 2009

SIP v4.8.1 has been released and can be downloaded from

SIP is a tool for generating Python modules that wrap C or C++ libraries.
It is similar to SWIG.  It is used to generate PyQt and PyKDE.

SIP is licensed under the Python License and runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux
and MacOS/X.  SIP requires Python v2.3 or later.

The main focus of this release is support for Python v3.

Other features of SIP include:

- extension modules are implemented as a single binary .pyd or .so file (no
  Python stubs)
- support for Python new-style classes
- the ability to specify the super-type and meta-type used to wrap
- generated modules are quick to import, even for large libraries
- thread support
- the ability to re-implement C++ abstract and virtual methods in Python
- the ability to define Python classes that derive from abstract C++
- the ability to spread a class hierarchy across multiple Python modules
- support for C++ namespaces
- support for C++ exceptions
- support for C++ operators
- an extensible build system written in Python that supports over 50
  platform/compiler combinations
- the generation of API files for IDEs that support autocompletion and call

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