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Tue Mar 3 20:29:06 CET 2009

For the third year Florence will host the italian edition of PyCon
starting from May 8th till May 10th.

Unfortunately this year we are a little late in publishing the english
version of our CFP. But here we are now.

As with last year's edition we will provide real time english-italian
and italian-english translation for the main track of the conference and
this year's special guest will be none other than Guido himself.

Registrations are already open at:
http://www.pycon.it/pycon3/registrazione/ where you'll be able to find
further information on tickets prices.

Conference information is available at our site http://www.pycon.it .
The most important deadlines besides those in this CFP are:

 13th Apr, End of the Early Bird
 4th May, End of Late registrations period.

Sponsorships packages are available at this url:
For sponsorship requests contact us at: sponsor at pycon.it

Here the CFP:


The conference is composed of three parallel tracks:

  * the *Discovering Python* track will primarily focus on
    introductory topics about Python libraries, frameworks and

  * the *Spreading Python* track will focus both on advanced technical
    topics and related matters like development methodologies,
    real-world use cases and management techniques;

  * the *Learning Python* track will feature a continuous interaction
    between the speaker and the audience: the speaker will propose a
    topic and introduce a possible solution, then the talk will
    dynamically evolve, naturally following questions and notes from
    the audience.

Talks could focus on the following topics (the list is neither
exclusive nor exaustive):

  * vast and/or distributed applications written in Python;
  * scientific and computationally intensive applications;
  * interaction with other languages/environments, RPC, services;
  * web programming and web frameworks;
  * desktop programming and GUI toolkits;
  * Python as "scripting" language (system administration, COM, etc...);
  * Python and databases;
  * Python as an educational language;

Each talk will have one of the following duration: 45, 60 or 90
approximately, inclusive of the time for the audience to enter and
leave the room. Please specify which length best fit your contents:
some flexibility is available to arrive at the best overall

### Community voting

Differently from last year, this year the talks' selection process is
public: all those who will have bought a ticket no later than March 15
will be able to vote and select the best talk proposals. You can already
register at http://www.pycon.it/pycon3/assopy/ to obtain the right to

### How to submit a paper

Your talk proposal must be submitted online through Assopy, as soon as
it is enabled, by following some simple instructions at
http://www.pycon.it/pycon3/assopy/ .

### When, How, and What to submit

As a talk proposal, you should just send an abstract with a few text
paragraphs about the talk. The evaluation will be easier if you send a
detailed description.

Once your talk proposal is approved, you'll have to submit the talk
slides in PDF format, a few days before the conference opening day.
More specific instructions will be available soon.

### A note for non-Italian speakers

We warmly welcome and encourage the presence of non-Italian speakers
at PyCon Italia. Most talks will be in Italian, though.

As last year, we are planning to provide Italian-to-English realtime
translation for our guests. We are also like to provide, again,
English-to-Italian realtime translation for that part of the audience
which is not much familiar with English.

**Additional info:** for any questions, please contact us at
info at pycon.it .

### Important deadlines

 - March 15th, 2009: Deadline for submitting the talk abstracts for

 - March 29th, 2009: Acknowledge of the talk acceptance,

 - March 30th, 2009: the talk schedule is published.

 - May 1, 2009: Deadline for submitting the complete talk slides.

To stay up to date, please subscribe to our newsletter, or follow our
blog at http://www.pycon.it/blog/.

The organization, http://www.pycon.it/pycon3/organizzatori/ .

Valentino Volonghi aka Dialtone
http://stacktrace.it -- Aperiodico di resistenza informatica
Blog: http://www.twisted.it/
Public Beta: http://www.adroll.com/

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