ANN: cssutils 0.9.6a2

Christof Hoeke csad7 at
Sun Mar 8 13:49:32 CET 2009

what is it
A Python package to parse and build CSS Cascading Style Sheets. (Not a 
renderer  though!)

about this release
0.9.6a2 is an alpha release.

main changes
0.9.6a2 090308
     + **API CHANGE**: :class:`cssutils.profiles.Profiles` (introduced 
in 0.9.6a1) has been refactored

     + **CHANGE**: Reporting levels of properties have changed. Please 
see :meth:`cssutils.css.Property.validate` for details. E.g. valid 
properties in the current profile are only reported on DEBUG and not 
INFO level anymore. The log output has been changed too, context 
information is provided now (line, column and name of the relevant property)

     + **BUGFIX**: ``p.valid == False`` is now set for Properties not 
valid in the current profile even if they are valid in a different profile
     + **BUGFIX**: Macros used when adding a new profile to 
``cssutils.profile`` were polluted with ALL macros ever defined.
     + BUGFIX: If ``cssutils.ser.prefs.validOnly == True`` serializer 
incorrectly put a single ``;`` for invalid properties out until now.

     - **IMPROVEMENT**: comments added by ``cssutils.resolveImports`` 
only use the @import rules' href and not the absolute href of the 
referenced sheets anymore (might have been a possible security hole when 
showing a full local path to a sheet in a combined but not minified sheet)

     - IMPROVEMENT: IE specific `alpha` values like ``filter: 
alpha(opacity=80)`` are parsed now.

cssutils is published under the LGPL version 3 or later, see

If you have other licensing needs please let me know.

For download options see

cssutils needs Python 2.4 or higher (tested with Python 2.6.1, 2.5.2 and 
2.4.4 on Vista only)

Bug reports (via Google code), comments, etc are very much appreciated! 


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