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Thu Mar 12 04:17:32 CET 2009


    OpenGL 3.1: A whole new OpenGL (Mike Fletcher)


    A preview of the PyCon 2009 presentation on OpenGL 3.1: A whole new
    OpenGL.  We'll be looking at what the legacy-free OpenGL programming
    model looks like, and how you access it via PyOpenGL.  The upcoming
    OpenGL 3.1 represents the first major backwards incompatible release
    of OpenGL, and pretty much everything you've read about OpenGL is
    out the window.  The result is a system that is very close to the
    "metal" of the modern GPU, a set of two (three in newer cards)
    programmable engines with generic mechanisms for feeding data in and
    reading it out.

Next month Myles Braithwaite will be presenting Google's AppEngine, so 
be sure to mark the 21st of April on your calendars.  As usual, we'll 
meet at Linux Caffe, at the corner of Grace and Harbord, one block South 
of Christie station at 7:00, with the meeting starting at 7:15pm. More 
details on the NextMeeting page on the web-site:

Enjoy yourselves,

  Mike C. Fletcher
  Designer, VR Plumber, Coder

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