Papywizard 2.0.0

Frédéric fma38 at
Sun Mar 15 19:32:56 CET 2009

I'm pleased to announce the new release of Papywizard 2.0.0!

This new branch now uses PyQt as graphical toolkit. This first release does
not add many new features, and is more or less the same as the 1.6.1. But
it can now run on MacOS (binary package coming soon).

Main new features

- switch to PyQt
- external script support for tethered shooting
- shutter triggering pulse width param

What is Papywizard?

Papywizard is a free panohead control software, mainly developped for the
Merlin/Orion astronomic mount[1][2] but usable for other panoheads, as long
as it is possible to talk to them (hardware/software).

The project is developped with the support of Kolor company[3], which
develops the famous Autopano Pro stitcher software[4].

Comments, questions and bug reports must be posted on APP forums[5].




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