pywinauto 0.3.8 released - collection of changes from the last two years

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Sun Mar 15 21:09:47 CET 2009


The 0.3.8 release of pywinauto is now available.

pywinauto is a set of open-source (LGPL) modules for using Python as a GUI
automation 'driver' for Windows NT based Operating Systems (NT/W2K/XP).

SourceForge project page:

Download from SourceForge

Here is the list of changes from 0.3.7:
0.3.8 Collecting improvements from last 2 years

 * Fixed toolbar button pressing - This required for
   HwndWrapper.NotifyParent() to be updated (to accept a new
   ID parameter)

 * Fixed a bug wherea listview without a column control would
   make pywinauto fail to capture the dialog.

 * Converted documenation from Pudge generated to Sphinx Generated

 * Added some baic support for Pager and Progress controls
   (no tests yet)

 * Added some more VB 'edit' window classes

 * Added some more VB 'listbox' window classes

 * Added some more VB 'button' window classes

 * Ensured that return value from ComboBoxWrapper.SelectedIndices
   is always a tuple (there was a bug where it would sometimes be
   a ctypes array)

 * Changed default for finding windows to find disabled windows
   as well as enabled ones (previous was to find enabled windows only)
   (note this may impact scripts that relied on the previous
   setting i.e. in cases where two dialogs have the same title!)

 * Much better handling of InvalidWindowHandle during automation
   runs. This could be raised when a closing window is still available
   when the automation was called, but is gone half way through
   whatever function was called.

 * Made clicking more robust by adding a tiny wait between each
   SendMessageTimeout in _perform_click().

 * Added attributes ``can_be_label`` and ``has_title`` to ``HwndWrapper``
   and subclasses to specify whether a control can act as a label for
   other controls, and whether the title should be used for identifying
   the control. If you have created your own HwndWrapper subclasses you
   may need to override the defaults.

 * Added a ``control_id`` parameter to find_windows which allows
   finding windows based off of their control id's

 * Added a FriendlyClassName method to MenuItem

 * Split up the functions for button truncation data

 * Commented out code to get a new font if the font could not
   be recovered

 * Moved code to get the control font from Truncation test to

 * Added a function to get the string representation of the
   bug. (need to refactor PrintBugs at some point).

 * Fixed a variable name (from fname -> font_attrib as fname
   was not a defined variable!)

 * Forced some return values from MissingExtraString test
   to be Unicode

 * Fixed the MiscValues test (converted to Unicode and
   removed some extraneous characters)

 * Updated the path for all unittests

 * Made two unit tests sligthly more robust and less dependent
   on computer/app settings

 * Updated timing settings for unit tests

 * Updated the examples to work in dev environment.

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