web2py 1.59

Massimo Di Pierro mdipierro at cs.depaul.edu
Wed Mar 18 04:38:33 CET 2009

web2py 1.59 is out


Check out this video about the new features:


What is web2py?

- It is the web framework used by PyCon 2009 for registration.
- It a very easy and very powerful Python web framework.
- It is fast and rock solid.
- It has a very clean design and it is  strong on security.
- Includes a web based development environment, maintenance   
environment, and database administrative interface.
- Includes a Database Abstraction Layer that works with SQLite, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, FireBird, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2 the Google App Engine. The
DAL does migrations, handles aggregates, nested selects, inner and  
outer joins.
- Includes a pure Python based template language with no indentation   
- Includes jQuery, simplejson, markdown, feedparser, PyRSS2, nicEdit,   
EditArea, Amy Editor.
- Runs on any platform that runs python. The binary versions can  run  
off a USB drive.
- The same apps can run on a PC with Oracle or on the Google App   
Engine or on Windows Mobile, without changes, including the DAL.
- Includes API for authentication and record-level group based access  

New features In 1.59:
- DB2 support
- new Service interface to expose functions in CSV, XML, JSON,  
- optional Amy editor (instead of edit_area) has keyboard shortcuts  
and autocompletion

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