ANN Chicago Python User Group May Meeting This Thursday

Brian Ray bray at
Tue May 12 20:27:08 CEST 2009

Chicago Python User Group

Calling all Python Programmers in (or near enough) the Windy City!!!  
(and JAVA Programmers, and those into REST, too)  We are having the  
highest meeting yet!! 25th floor!

May 14, 2009 at ThoughtWorks Inc. 200 E Randolph St 25th Floor  
Chicago, IL

RSVP: jcroneme (at)


  * REST with Jython (45 min) -- Tal Liron
  * icon-to-speech (10 min) and wsgi<->servlet adaptor (10 min)  --  
Steve Githens
  * PyMite  Lightening Talks (10 min each until infinity, or until  
they kick us out) -- Various Artists

About ChiPy

ChiPy is a group of Chicago Python Programmers, l33t, and n00bs.
Meetings are held monthly at various locations around Chicago.
Also, ChiPy is a proud sponsor of many Open Source and Educational
efforts in Chicago. Stay tuned to the mailing list for more info.

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