Python Concurrency Community Bulletin

Pete pfein at
Tue May 19 19:06:04 CEST 2009

Hi all-

Wow, I'm amazed at the response this list has engendered - over 100  
people joined in the first 36 hours.  Guess it's a hot topic. ;-)

I've created as a central  
clearing house for discussion and documentation of concurrency  
issues.  Please add material!  I've collected much of what has been  
sent to this list so far, but more is needed.  In particular, 
  needs more examples in other toolkits.

I've had a few requests to move this list to concurrency- 
sig at  I'm inclined to do so, but wanted to get feedback  
first.  You won't need to resubscribe, but your mail filters will  
break.  If you have strong feelings either way, please email me  
*privately* by end of day Thursday.

I look forward to many interesting discussions.  Python! ;-)


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