Announce: pcp-0.1

Michael Werner mtw at
Wed May 27 19:47:19 CEST 2009

Name:        pcp-0.1
Description: Python Interface to SGI's Performance Co-Pilot client API
License:     GNU LGPL

Author:      Michael Werner
Email:       mtw at protomagic dot com

Description of this Python Extension

This python extension, called pcp, provides an interface to the  
client C API
for SGI's open source Performance Co-Pilot. This is a very early  
release and
some core functionality is missing, namely reading and writing  
archive files.
A set of convenience classes is provided, which build upon the base
functionality of SGI's library. These convenience classes may change in
future releases, as use-cases evolve and feedback suggests. A sample  
is included.

Description of SGI's Performance Co-Pilot

Performance Co-Pilot is a distributed mechanism for measuring and  
the performance and activity of computers, networks, applications, and
servers. PCP also includes an inference engine that can trigger  
to measured conditions or events.  Several hundred different operational
parameters can be measured from target machines, their operating  
MySQL, Apache, Sendmail, VMWare, KVM, etc. There is a server-side  
available for writing additional plug-in modules to measure any  
custom target
application or server. There is a client-side library for writing custom
applications to collect and utilize measurements. This python  
extension wraps
that client-side C library, libpcp. Performance Co-Pilot is known to  
run on
Windows and many Unix/Linux variants.

Example Application

To see an example prototype application that uses these python  
to visualize system activity, visit ... site URL

<p><a href="">pcp 0.1</a> - Python
Interface to SGI's  Performance Co-Pilot client API (22-May-09)


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