IMGCrush 0.4.0 and IMGCrush_GUI 0.4.0 released

kiithsacmp at kiithsacmp at
Mon Nov 2 22:00:45 CET 2009

Announcing IMGCrush 0.4.0 and IMGCrush_GUI 0.4.0 ,
a new release bringing new features and bugfixes,
as well as considerable speedup (even though it's still quite slow)

IMGCrush is an image compressor capable of compressing files to
user specified size or quality using common web image formats
particularly well suited to optimize images for web sites.

IMGCrush_GUI is a simple Tkinter GUI using basic subset of IMGCrush
It should be replaced by a more advanced GTK or Qt GUI in future.

Get IMGCrush and IMGCrush_GUI here:
(IMGCrush_GUI is on the bottom of the page)

New features:
-Recursive directory processing
-GIF bit depths from 1 to 8 support
-JPG grayscale support
-deprecated (and removed some) resizing options

Note that at this moment IMGCrush is still quite slow and

More info:

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