November 20 Webinar: Interpolation with NumPy/SciPy

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Friday, November 20:
Interpolation with NumPy/SciPy
Dear Amenity,

It's time for our mid-month Scientific Computing with Python webinar!  
This month's topic is sure to prove very useful for data analysts:  
Interpolation with NumPy and SciPy.

In many data-processing scenarios, it is necessary to use a discrete  
set of available data-points to infer the value of a function at a new  
data-point. One approach to this problem is interpolation, which  
constructs a new model-function that goes through the original data- 
points. There are many forms of interpolation - polynomial, spline,  
kriging, radial basis function, etc. - and SciPy includes some of  
these interpolation forms. This webinar will review the interpolation  
modules available in SciPy and in the larger Python community and  
provide instruction on their use via example.
Scientific Computing with Python Webinar:
Interpolation with NumPy/SciPy
Friday, November 20
1pm CDT/7pm UTC
Register at GoToMeeting
We look forward to seeing you Friday! As always, feel free to contact  
us with questions, concerns, or suggestions for future webinar topics.


The Enthought Team
Enthought Blog
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