AVC 0.8.0 released

Fabrizio Pollastri f.pollastri at inrim.it
Fri Nov 20 15:00:15 CET 2009

Announcing AVC 0.8.0
Webpage: http://avc.inrim.it/

What is AVC?
AVC is a multiplatform, fully automatic, live connection among
graphical interface widgets and application variables for the python
language. AVC supports in a uniform way the most popular widget
toolkits: GTK+, Qt3, Qt4, Tk, wxWidgets, Swing.

New features
* Added support for java Swing widget toolkit, widgets: button, check
   box, combo box, label, progress bar, radio box, slider, spinner table,
   text area, text field, toggle button, tree.
* Changed real widget mapping: substituted eval of widget string names
   with dictionary of abstract widget classes keyed by real widget
* Added check for executed avc_init in avc_connect.
* Added dual install capability to setup to cope with both python and

* Fully transparent widget-variable connections
* Automatic connection by matching widgets and variables names
* Multiple matching namespaces
* Dynamic connections
* No design pattern, no application redesign, no widget toolkit
   dependent code, separation between application logic and GUI.
* Multiple widget toolkits support: GTK+, Qt3, Qt4, Tk, wxWidgets,
* Full compatibility and support for Glade, Qt Designer, Visual Tcl
   and wxGlade interface design tools.
* Normal widgets: button, check button, combo box, entry, label,
   progress bar, radio button, slider, spin button, status bar, text
   view/edit, toggle button.
* Advanced widgets: list view, tree view.
* Normal variable types: boolean, integer, float, string, list, tuple.
* Advanced variable types: 2D table (list of lists), hierarchical tree
   (dictionary with path of values inside tree as keys).
* Multiple widgets to one variable connection
* Dual update timing of variable value views: immediate or periodic.
* Testing printout logging activity with selectable verbosity
* Python package written in pure python
* Free software ( GNU GPL license )

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