pyspread 0.0.12a released

Martin Manns mmanns at
Sat Nov 21 23:39:29 CET 2009

Pyspread is getting close to the first Beta. This new release should
work with Windows as well as with Linux.


Pyspread is a cross-platform Python spreadsheet application. It is
based on and written in the programming language Python.

Instead of spreadsheet formulas, Python expressions are entered into
the spreadsheet cells. Each expression returns a Python object that can
be accessed from other cells. These objects can represent anything
including lists or matrices.

Pyspread runs on Linux, Windows and *nix platforms with GTK+ support. 
I have reports that it works with MacOS X as well.


New features in 0.0.12a

    * pys file support more secure
    * ODF file support removed
    * Left and right alignment to cell attributes added
    * Custom grid & cell drawing on refresh added
    * Save functionality for row and column size added
    * Problem with update of cells that contain strings, lists solved
    * Frozen cells toolbar update fixed
    * Windows missing cell background bug removed


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