yappi v0.3

k3xji sumerc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 11:44:10 CET 2009

yappi(yet another python profiler) is a Python Profiler with
multithreading support. This is the last beta version with some major
changes and bugfixes:

v0.3 Changes
[+] yappi did not compile out of box on VS2008. Fix the compile
issues. (Thanks to Kevin Watters)
[+] tidy up stat formatting code. that's previously messy.
[+] BUGFIX:application total time is calculated wrong.
[+] BUGFIX:change some int's to long long's to prevent simple integer
[+] show profiler status.
[+] show memory usage of the yappi itself.
[+] show thread class name in the thread stats.
[+] make thread/profiler stats column separated.
[+] big endian support for core hash function.
[+] BUGFIX: CURRENTCTX macro can return NULL on rare occassions,
handle that.
[+] BUGFIX: Shows wrong thread class name as we call it in the
[+] OPTIMIZATION:some hashtable enhancements are done.

For documentation and download see:

Sumer Cip

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