ANN: SfePy 2009.4 released

Robert Cimrman robert.cimrman at
Tue Nov 24 13:19:23 CET 2009

I am pleased to announce release 2009.4 of SfePy.


SfePy (simple finite elements in Python) is a software, distributed
under the BSD license, for solving systems of coupled partial
differential equations by the finite element method. The code is
on NumPy and SciPy packages.

Mailing lists, issue tracking, git repository:
Home page:

New documentation site:

Many thanks to Logan Sorenson for the new documentation contents, and
Lukes for setting up the server.

Highlights of this release
- unified handling of user-defined functions (for defining subdomains,
  heterogeneous material properties, boundary conditions etc.)
- greatly improved postprocessing and visualization capabilities,
  - support for file sequences (evolutionary simulations)
  - animations (using ffmpeg)
  - automatic scalar bars
  - Mayavi2-based GUI to launch simulations

Major improvements
Apart from many bug-fixes, let us mention:
- quasistatic time stepping
- graphical logging:
  - dynamic adding of data groups (new axes) to Log and
- linear algebra:
  - reversed Cuthill-McKee permutation algorithm, graph in-place
- setting of parameter variables by a user-defined function
- new tests and terms

For more information on this release, see
(full release notes, rather long).

Best regards,
Robert Cimrman

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