execnet-1.0.0: connecting (groups of) Python interpreters

holger krekel holger at merlinux.eu
Tue Nov 24 17:58:28 CET 2009

Hi all,

just uploaded execnet-1.0.0 to PyPI, a standalone-no-dependency 
package for elastic Python code distribution. 

execnet enables zero-install ad-hoc instantiation of local or remote Python
processes.  It establishes channels for basic data communication using a simple
serialization scheme that works well across Python2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 3.1 and Jython
interpreters.  execnet is extensively used for testing purposes, for distributed
computing scenarios and for sysadmin tasks. 

execnet-1.0.0 (compared to 1.0.0b3) has bug fixes, new tested
examples and introduces execnet.Group for managing a dynamic
bunch of hosts.  See the improved docs


and below the changelog.  I am bound to improve and develop
execnet further and thus am very interested in feedback
and suggestions.



* introduce execnet.Group for managing gateway creation 
  and termination.  Introduce execnet.default_group through which 
  all "global" calls are routed.  cleanup gateway termination.
  All Gateways get an id through which they can be 
  retrieved from a group object.

* deprecate execnet.XYZGateway in favour of direct makegateway() calls.

* refine socketserver-examples, experimentally introduce a
  way to indirectly setup a socket server ("installvia")
  through a gateway url.

* refine and automatically test documentation examples 


* fix EXECNET_DEBUG to work with win32 
* add support for serializing longs, sets and frozensets  (thanks
  Benjamin Peterson) 
* introduce remote_status() method which on the low level gives
  information about the remote side of a gateway
* disallow explicit close in remote_exec situation
* perform some more detailed tracing with EXECNET_DEBUG


* make internal protocols more robust against serialization failures

* fix a seralization bug with nested tuples containing empty tuples
  (thanks to ronny for discovering it)

* setting the environment variable EXECNET_DEBUG will generate per
  process trace-files for debugging


* added new examples for NumPy, Jython, IronPython
* improved documentation
* include apipkg.py for lazy-importing
* integrated new serializer code from Benjamin Peterson
* improved support for Jython-2.5.1


* improve documentation, new website

* use sphinx for documentation, added boilerplate files and setup.py 

* fixes for standalone usage, adding boilerplate files

* imported py/execnet and made it work standalone

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