ANN: pdfrw pure-Python PDF file reading and writing

Patrick Maupin pmaupin at
Fri Nov 27 09:35:44 CET 2009

pdfrw is a basic PDF file manipulation library, developed and tested
on Python 2.5 and 2.6.

pdfrw can read and write PDF files, and can also be used to read in
PDFs which can then be used inside reportlab (as source material for
new PDFs).  This is also the underlying library for a new rst2pdf
extension (not yet released, but in rst2pdf subversion) which allows
arbitrary fragments of source PDFs to be embedded in the output PDF
(without rasterization).

No releases yet (and none immediately planned), but the interface is
reasonably stable, it seems to work pretty well, and you can download
the code and a few working examples at

Feedback and/or code contributors always welcome!

Best regards,
Patrick Maupin

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